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Price: Starting at ~$9,000

Procedure Time: 2-3 hours

Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks



Consistently ranked as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed each year, a Rhinoplasty (“nose job”), or nasal reshaping surgery, enhances the appearance and functionality of the nose by surgically altering the shape of the nasal bones and cartilage. The beauty of the procedure lies in that even a small change to your nose can produce dramatic results. That said, Rhinoplasty represents the most complex and intricate of all plastic surgeries, and to be successful they must be performed using the most advanced surgical techniques. Choosing the right Rhinoplasty surgeon is paramount.  When performed by someone with the proper training, talent, and skill, a well-executed rhinoplasty can bring overall balance to your face. 

During your Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Blake Raggio in Birmingham, AL, he will collaborate with you to create a nose that looks natural and best complements your other facial features. The procedure is highly individualized, and Dr. Raggio will customize your procedure to ensure optimal results. So, If you find yourself frustrated with the appearance of your nose and have distinct issues you hope to improve, enhance, or correct, this procedure may be the right course of action. If you are interested in how Rhinoplasty with Dr. Raggio can help you, please continue reading below.

We invite you to schedule a consultation or read below to learn more about one of the best Rhinoplasty Birmingham has to offer. 

Rhinoplasty Expert In Birmingham, AL

What is Rhinoplasty?

Commonly referred to as a “nose job”, cosmetic nose surgery can include a variety of aesthetic and reconstructive techniques to improve breathing and the appearance of the nose, leading to a refreshed facial first impression. 

As Dr. Raggio says, “The goal of rhinoplasty is simple: to create a nose that better balances the face.”

What is the difference between Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty?

Open Rhinoplasty with Dr. Raggio in Birmingham uses a tiny, inconspicuous incision that is placed under the nose in the columella, the area between the two nostril openings. This incision is only several mm wide and allows the skin and soft tissue of the nose to be lifted off of the underlying cartilage and bone, “opening” the nose to reflect the underlying cartilage and bony structure. This technique is appropriate for any rhinoplasty operation, as it offers a complete view of all of the structures that will be precisely modified during rhinoplasty surgery. In fact, Dr. Raggio prefers the open approach due to the excellent exposure which ensures precise technique and minimizes errors, thus limiting the need for revision surgery. While patients may have concerns about a scar,  the incision remains well-hidden and becomes barely perceptible once it is fully healed (9-12 months).

As an alternative to the Open Rhinoplasty, some of Dr. Raggio’s patients may be a good candidate for a closed or “scarless” rhinoplasty. This is a technique where rhinoplasty can be performed only using incisions that are made inside the nose, (no external incisions). While the closed technique is touted for its shorter recovery times and decreased discomfort, it may only be appropriate for more minor rhinoplasty surgeries due to its limited visibility.

In short, Dr. Raggio will discuss with you his recommended techniques based on your underlying anatomy while factoring in your overall goals and expectations.

What are the different types or subsets of Rhinoplasty?

Various types of rhinoplasty exist based on patients’ cultural norms, ethnicity, facial proportions, medical history, individual concerns, and goals. It is important to recognize that each rhinoplasty subset possesses unique characteristics and anatomical concerns, all of which Dr. Raggio is experienced in addressing given his multicultural surgical experiences in New Orleans and Toronto alongside his extensive post-training experience performing hundreds of rhinoplasties a year on noses of all shapes and sizes. That said, here are the different “types” of rhinoplasty offered by Dr. Raggio at his boutique cosmetic facial plastic surgery clinic in Birmingham, AL:

Primary Rhinoplasty

A standard primary cosmetic Rhinoplasty with Dr. Blake Raggio in Birmingham helps correct nasal defects, such as a malformed or unbalanced nose, which can skew the symmetry of the entire face. This surgery is often performed for cosmetic purposes to surgically enhance the shape and size of the nose, thereby improving the patient’s overall facial aesthetics and desirability.

Our Birmingham Rhinoplasty patients generally seek out Dr. Raggio due to his vast nasal reshaping experience and expertise to enhance their nose by correcting one or more of the following nasal aesthetic problems:

  • A bulbous tip
  • A wide nose
  • Disproportion and asymmetry
  • Overly large nostrils
  • Crooked nose
  • Big or flat nose
  • Upturned nasal tip
  • Deviated septum
  • Dorsal hump
  • Bump on the nasal bridge
  • Drooping of the nasal tip
  • Over-masculinized look

During your consultation, Dr. Raggio will discuss what can be done to address your concerns and how to correctly fix them. 

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

As Dr. Raggio says, “Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a great way to improve the things you dislike about your nose while preserving the characteristics that make it unique to your heritage.” 

The goal of ethnic rhinoplasty, then, is to achieve a more attractive, balanced nose that doesn’t look overly Westernized and fits within your cultural norms. This surgery is for patients who want to improve their appearance and facial harmony without losing the elements that are hallmarks of their background. Detailed attention and extra care must be taken by a surgeon when approaching ethnic rhinoplasty to preserve the patient’s cultural identity while also bringing balance and beauty.

Below are the various “types” of Ethnic Rhinoplasty often encountered in Dr. Raggio’s practice:

  • Asian Rhinoplasty – Many Asian patients want a nasal bridge that is slightly higher and more defined, with narrowed nostrils, and re-contouring of the nasal tip.
  • African-American Rhinoplasty – Common reasons for African-American rhinoplasty include the subtle definition of the nasal bridge and refining of the nasal tip and/or nostrils.
  • Latino Rhinoplasty – Narrowing the nostrils, improving the bridge of the nose, and/or refining the nasal tip are common changes made in Latino rhinoplasty.
  • Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty – Many Middle Eastern patients want to reduce or remove a hump on the bridge of the nose, reshape the nasal tip, or decrease the size of the nose.

Of note, Dr. Raggio commonly relies on augmenting or elevating the dorsum in Ethnic Rhinoplasty with an advanced technique called a diced cartilage fibrin-glue graft. This technique usually involves the harvesting of one’s ear or rib cartilage (or if preferred, using donor rib cartilage), and is only performed by Rhinoplasty surgeons with specialized ethnic rhinoplasty training like Dr. Raggio. 

Having practiced in the multicultural cities of New Orleans and Toronto, Dr. Raggio is proud to offer his expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty to the Birmingham Hoover Metropolitan area.

Teenage Rhinoplasty

Growing up is hard. The reasons why teens undergo a nose job are the same reasons that adults do: they’re unhappy with the appearance of their noses. The teen years represent a period in life when an individual is at their most self-conscious and appearances matter the most.

When a nose doesn’t fit a face or has certain imperfections, it can be a huge source of emotional damage for a teenager, negatively affecting their self-confidence. Dr. Raggio’s teenage rhinoplasty techniques achieve a much improved and more balanced nasal appearance, bringing together the facial features for overall better facial proportions and harmony. Of note, Christmas and Summer holidays can provide some great opportunities for discrete transitions for patients interested in Teenage Rhinoplasty.

Male Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty represents the most common plastic surgery procedure for men. Most male patients are seeking changes to their nasal shape and size or to either address a large nasal hump, an overly droopy tip or to create an overall more masculinized nose and profile. To that effect, and to achieve these oftentimes subtle changes whilst preserving their masculinity, Dr. Raggio employs a specialized approach. Male Rhinoplasty is designed to preserve a strong, prominent nose with a less rotated nasal tip, ensuring harmony with a masculine face. Male Rhinoplasty patients will be amazed at how addressing subtle defects in their noses that they find undesirable will inherently complement and help emphasize their other masculine features.

Dr. Raggio takes into account all the unique features of a male nose during this process, including maintaining appropriate nose width, the angle of the nasal tip, facial shape and structure, and the angle of the nasal bridge. As a highly trained rhinoplasty surgeon in the Birmingham Hoover area, you can trust that Dr. Blake Raggio considers every aspect of what makes a male nose unique.

Revision Rhinoplasty

When the first rhinoplasty doesn’t turn out the way you wanted, Revision Rhinoplasty is often needed to fix the results. This is where a skilled, experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon can make all the difference. Revision rhinoplasty, also referred to as secondary rhinoplasty, is a procedure where Dr. Raggio addresses issues you may be having as a result of an improperly or poorly performed rhinoplasty initially done by another surgeon. If you are considering Revision Rhinoplasty in Birmingham, AL, come and see double board-certified rhinoplasty expert and Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Blake Raggio and his team of specialists at Raggio MD Facial Plastic Surgery who will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

 In short, Revision rhinoplasty is a delicate procedure often requiring advanced techniques to provide structural support for the tip and/or bridge of the nose and to correct any other underlying deficiencies as a result of an improperly performed first surgery. Septal, or nose cartilage, is often deficient in previously operated noses, and for this reason, Dr. Raggio often relies on cartilage from elsewhere in the body, particularly the ear and occasionally the rib, to properly rebuild the nose. Occasionally, a thin piece of temporalis muscle fascia (via an inconspicuous hairline incision) will be used to add extra padding and cushion to your nose. Rarely, scarring within the nose requires the use of skin grafts to reopen a distorted and narrowed nasal airway. Rest assured that with Dr. Raggio’s highly sought-after Rhinoplasty experience and precision, he can help you obtain the look and functionality you’re seeking for your revision rhinoplasty. 

Alar Base Reduction

Alar base reduction, also known as nostril reduction surgery or Alarplasty, is reserved for patients who have a broad alar base or nostrils that flare in the lower part of the nose. Alar base reduction is a popular type of surgery for individuals who wish to decrease the size and appearance of their nostrils, a technique often implemented for ethnic rhinoplasty or anyone looking to decrease the overall size of their nose. The main technique involves adjusting the width of the bottom portion of the nose via small inconspicuous incisions hidden in natural creases. The results can improve nasal symmetry, reduce nostril size, and achieve better facial harmony.

Like other parts of the nose and face, the nostril size, flare, and shape differ from person to person. Each patient is unique and has different goals. If your nostrils have been bothering you for a while, you might consider undergoing an alar base modification with Dr. Blake Raggio in Birmingham, AL.

Regardless of your Rhinoplasty concerns or genetic makeup, you are in capable hands with our team at Raggio MD Facial Plastic Surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of A Rhinoplasty?

Our Birmingham, AL nose job patients have discovered many wonderful benefits from their Rhinoplasty surgery, some of which include:

  • Adjusts a crooked nose
  • Creates better facial harmony
  • Corrects problems associated with a deviated septum
  • Enhance or reduce your nasal bridge
  • Gives your nostrils a new shape
  • Improve breathing
  • Increases or decreases your nose’s size
  • Reduces your nasal tip and/or bridge

Who are the Best Candidates for a Rhinoplasty Procedure?

At Raggio Facial Plastic Surgery, we believe good candidates for Rhinoplasty in Birmingham are patients with the following conditions:

  • No smoking
  • Have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery
  • No underlying serious health issues to prevent normal recovery
  • A fully formed nose (15 years old in girls, 16 years old in boys)

First steps of a rhinoplasty

What’s the First Step to scheduling a Rhinoplasty with Dr. Raggio?

The first step towards achieving your ideal nose shape through Rhinoplasty in Birmingham, AL is to schedule a consultation with double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Blake Raggio. During this in-depth consultation, you will have the opportunity to openly discuss your goals, concerns, and expectations with Dr. Raggio and his team.

Dr. Raggio will obtain professional photographs, carefully evaluate your nose by performing a detailed external and internal nasal analysis, consider your unique nasal and facial anatomy, share his preferred techniques for Rhinoplasty, and then determine the best approach to achieve the optimal cosmetic and functional outcomes for your nose. Dr. Raggio will also rely on computer imaging morphing software to help communicate realistic goals and expectations. These photographs will be shared with you after your consultation for you to review.

Once you both have finalized the treatment plan, you will meet with our Patient Care Coordinator to schedule a surgery date, discuss pricing and financing options, and review the detailed perioperative instructions as outlined by Dr. Raggio to ensure you receive the best results possible.

Morphing Software – How will I know what my nose will look like after surgery?

FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER.  We understand that you will want to see the possibilities for what your nose will look like after surgery. To help patients visualize their outcomes, we use the industry standard MIRROR imaging software during cosmetic rhinoplasty consultations. MIRROR is the most advanced medical imaging software available for ensuring consistent doctor-patient communication and designing specific treatment plans for each unique patient.

During your consultation, Dr. Raggio will implement MIRROR’s 2-D-based simulation software to instantly communicate areas of anticipated improvement for your Rhinoplasty. These “morphed images” will also be shared with you after your consultation to help in your decision-making process.

What to expect on
the day of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Upon your arrival at Raggio MD Facial Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will show you to your private room where you will be prepped for surgery. Before heading back to our surgical suite, you will meet with our anesthesia provider as well as Dr. Raggio to finalize the treatment plan and address any concerns you may have about the procedure.

A member of our team will then escort you to the surgical suite where our anesthesia team will administer deep sedation entirely through your IV (there will be no intubation or breathing tube required). Once sedation has been obtained and you are comfortable, Dr. Raggio will then perform local numbing injections to further minimize any discomfort during the procedure.

Rhinoplasty represents a very precise and meticulous surgery that takes Dr. Raggio two to three hours to perform, depending on the complexity of the case. With Dr. Raggio as your surgeon, you can rest assured that your surgery will be executed with meticulous attention to detail, utilizing advanced Rhinoplasty techniques to address the specific concerns of your nose.

Once the rhinoplasty is complete, Dr. Raggio will meticulously close the incisions to ensure you heal with a well-concealed scar hidden beneath your nose in the area called the columella. Oftentimes, a small nasal cast is placed to protect your nose during this first week of recovery. If necessary, small thin nasal splints are placed along your septum and removed at seven days along with cast removal. Rest assured, we do not use any internal nasal packing, as this has shown no benefit for patient recovery after rhinoplasty. Remember, our goal is your comfort and satisfaction.

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Surgical Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure, which means you will be discharged home the same day as your surgery so you can rest and recover comfortably in your home. After surgery, you will be monitored in our recovery room by a dedicated recovery nurse until you are safe to be discharged. Since you have received sedation, you will need a family member or friend available to drive you home and stay with you overnight.

You can expect your initial recovery to take between one and two weeks, with some bruising and swelling around the eyes and cheeks, along with some mild discomfort and stuffiness the first week. As you recover, it’s important to keep your head elevated, avoid strenuous activity, and use cold compresses to minimize bruising and swelling. From a pain perspective, the procedure is very well tolerated with most patients only taking the prescribed narcotic pain medication for 2-3 days. The more common complaint, however, stems from blocked nasal passages and congestion, which will diminish as healing continues over the first several days. 

Patients normally feel well enough to return to work in three or five days, though this is based on personal preference and your comfortability being seen with a nasal cast, which is removed at the first postoperative visit 7 days after surgery. You can gradually resume normal activities over the first 3 weeks and return to more strenuous activities thereafter. After 8 weeks, the nasal bones and cartilage will have healed, and you can resume unrestricted activities such as sports.

Results will likely be evident at the one-week cast removal; however, please know that swelling will likely be present which can blunt the definition obtained during surgery. So, as a rough guideline, you can expect to be “socially presentable” at 2 weeks. At 2 months, 60-80% of the swelling will have subsided, and this is when most patients feel comfortable going to important life events.  It will, however, take 12 months or more for your nose to completely heal and settle into its final contour as the residual swelling resolves and the skin envelope continues to contract on the underlying framework Dr. Raggio has created


Advanced Recovery with

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatment

As part of our advanced recovery protocol, Raggio MD Facial Plastic Surgery offers complimentary Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatment to patients who undergo facial plastic surgery here in Birmingham, AL.

‌Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the delivery of oxygen to parts of your body in the process of healing, speeding the process and improving its effectiveness, while reducing swelling and bruising. This process also helps to increase your body’s capacity to neutralize the damage caused by oxidative stress and the presence of free radicals, allowing your cells to function more efficiently and heal your body at a much faster rate.‌

Please understand that not all hyperbaric chambers are created equal. Normal atmospheric pressure is measured at approximately 1 atm, and most commercial chambers can only reach a pressure of 1.4 atm. At Raggio MD Facial Plastic Surgery, we use a state-of-the-art “hard” chamber that can reach up to an industry-standard pressurization of 2.0 atm required to affect the physiologic benefits of HBOT.

‌The higher capabilities of these rigid hyperbaric chambers allow for a more significant health benefit than simpler models, meaning your recovery will be optimized to its fullest.

How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Cost in Birmingham, AL?

The cost of Rhinoplasty in Birmingham, AL with Dr. Raggio starts at $9,000 but will vary depending on many factors, including the procedure being performed, the complexity of the reconstruction, surgeon’s fees, and the time needed for surgery. The best way to determine the cost of your surgery is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Raggio and let him create your customized surgical plan. Once this personal consultation is done, our Patient Care Coordinator will be able to provide you with a complete breakdown of the cost of the procedures, review financing, and determine a plan that best fits your needs.

Why choose Dr. Raggio for your Rhinoplasty?

In short, choose an expert. Rhinoplasty represents the most complex and intricate of all plastic surgeries, and to be successful they must be performed using the most advanced surgical techniques. Said techniques, like Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty and Turkish Rhinoplasty, were pioneered by leading facial plastic surgeons in major cities like New York and Toronto, and a skill set Dr. Raggio acquired during his surgical training which he routinely implements in his practice. Dr. Raggio is proud to offer these advanced techniques in the  and Birmingham Hoover Metro, where they are not widely available.

Using these advanced techniques and his extensive rhinoplasty experience, Dr Raggio’s Rhinoplasties promise to deliver more refined, precise, and durable results with minimal downtime compared to traditional surgical maneuvers. Dr. Raggio has outstanding qualifications as a Rhinoplasty surgeon and is often called upon to perform complex revision surgeries for patients from across the region who need to resolve cosmetic or structural problems from their original surgery.

Rhinoplasty specialization requires training, experience, skill, and certification. Many plastic surgeons perform the occasional rhinoplasty surgery in addition to other abdomen, breast, extremity, and face procedures. To ensure adequate expertise, it is important to find a Facial Plastic Surgeon who performs surgery exclusively on the face and neck and further specializes in rhinoplasty surgery. Your rhinoplasty surgeon should have performed at least hundreds, if not thousands, of rhinoplasty procedures. And Dr. Raggio fits this description.

In summary, one of Dr. Raggio’s most sought-after procedures to perform is a Rhinoplasty, which he can carry out expertly and beautifully with his unique training and dual board certification in both Head & Neck Surgery as well as Facial Plastic Surgery. This rare and uniquely specialized Rhinoplasty experience gives him a knowledgeable perspective on restoring both form and function to the nose. In addition, his multicultural surgical experience in major cities like New Orleans and Toronto means that Dr. Raggio’s rhinoplasty techniques can be tailored to noses of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

For these reasons, patients can be confident and rest assured that they will receive the absolute best Rhinoplasty result with Dr. Raggio and his team at Raggio MD Facial Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, AL.

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Patient reviews

  • Torrey

    5 Star Review

    I am a week post-op from my cosmetic rhinoplasty with Dr. Blake Raggio, a Facial Plastic Surgeon here in Birmingham, Alabama. I just had my cast removed today and I could not be happier with my results already!

  • Jessica

    5 Star Review

    Thank you, Dr. Blake Raggio, for the excellent work on my nose. The Rhinoplasty to correct the deviated septum and nostril closure went so smoothly. My breathing has improved and the before and after pictures were amazing. Your knowledge and skills improved my health and facial profile.

  • Pamela

    5 Star Review

    Dr. Blake Raggio is an amazing Facial Plastic Surgeon. I am one week out from having my
    Blepharoplasty and Browlift and could not be more pleased. Not only is he a talented Facial Plastic Surgeon he also has a wonderful bedside manner.

  • Elizabeth

    5 Star Review

    Dr. Raggio and staff get an A+ for their superb care! From the time you walk in the door to the time you leave, you will be treated like family! Best of all you’ll leave looking younger and feeling good! You can’t beat the care and compassion from Dr Raggio and his staff!

  • Chelsea

    5 Star Review

    Dr. Raggio is the absolute best! He listens and is very precise with his injections. I am extremely happy with the results I have gotten with him. He does not push any services on you, either. I have uploaded two pictures to show the difference. I get Botox and lip filler.

  • Sheila

    5 Star Review

    I went to Dr Reggio for my eyelids. They were folding over. I was scared to have the surgery but the right eye was bothering me. So I decided to have the surgery and this Doctor is such a delight and kind-hearted. I am very, very happy with the way my surgery turned out. I would highly recommend Dr. Raggio to anyone!

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